RoadTech saves time, money and the environment

RoadTech AS recently won Sparebanken Møre’s entrepreneurship competition, NÆRINGSTEFT, after developing groundbreaking technology.

In collaboration with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) and road operators, the company has developed groundbreaking technology for sustainable management of snowplow markers. The process, which was previously time-consuming, expensive, and environmentally unfriendly, is now set to become what they call a “green revolution on the road.”


Peder Strømsvåg, the CEO of RoadTech, isn’t shy about making promises regarding the company’s innovations. The patented RT Placing Machine will change the way snowplow markers are deployed. It sets up and retrieves the markers on the go. This significantly reduces the physical strain on the workers and saves a lot of time for everyone involved.

“We simply aim to double efficiency! And it’s not just a lofty goal; the numbers are entirely real,” says Strømsvåg. “We’ve proven this through a pilot in the fall of 2018 across three different contract areas. The machine itself is delivered as a standalone unit, adapted for a standard truck hook lift, and it comes with all the markers needed for a shift.”


The uniquely shaped markers, produced in Norway, resemble drills and grip the ground four times better. This means less waste and a reduced need for resetting and maintenance. These markers are also more robust and withstand external influences better than the current ones. Strømsvåg adds:

“After use, the markers are sent to the RoadTech marker terminal, where they are washed, sorted, and refurbished for the next season. Should any markers become damaged, they can be used as raw material for new markers. It’s environmentally friendly and efficient!”


All processes related to marker handling will be collected and digitized. These data will then be used to optimize and improve the system. This also makes it easy for contractors to extract reports as needed and gain full oversight and control over the marker process.

“Our goal is to provide all road users, and most importantly, society, with a safer and greener everyday life,” concludes Strømsvåg.