Our sustainable solution

The environmental requirements are becoming stricter and clearer in public contracts. Our concept meets these requirements.

  • Our pole machine reduces the time on the road, and has minimal fuel consumption per hour.
  • RoadTech will collaborate with work inclusion companies around the country.
  • Our snow pole bit is produced from recyclable material. Defective plugs are raw material for new plugs.
  • Our digital platform is continuously optimized both with the number of sticks, amount of plastic and CO2 equivalent
  • Own production of recyclable sticks.
  • Our solution can be used on electric trucks

Improve your HSE routines

Health, Environment and Safety is an important focus area for all businesses. RoadTech’s concept offers opportunities for improvement in all areas.
With our pole machine, time on the road is reduced, which provides greater safety for both the operator and road users.
We reduce the need for resetting and manual collection of broken plowshares, both of which are dangerous roadside work

  • The pole machine is delivered with space for all the stitches you need for one shift – minimal handling for the operator
  • The pole machine is delivered as a container solution, which both secures the equipment and reduces the risk of distraction for road users
  • The pole machine is delivered complete with the necessary equipment for work notification, and prepared for the connection of a shock pad where the work notification plan requires it
  • Optimal working environment for the operator – no start/stop and noise/vibration

Pictures from the work inclusion company Varde AS in Kristiansund N