Snow pole with screw by RoadTech

The RoadTech snow pole 

The RoadTech snow pole is attached to a screw.  Drilled into the ground these snow pole proves significantly more solid.  Tests carried out by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration show that the RoadTech snow pole is four times more solid than current poles.  They rarely break and very rarely loosens during the winter season, bringing waste and need for re-deployment down to a minimum. 

The RoadTech snow pole is made of 100% recyclable material.  All damaged poles are used to produce new poles in a closed circuit, bringing the environmental impact down to almost zero!

  • Unique patented screw- sit four times better in the ground
  • Significantly reduction for re-deployment
  • Reinforced snow pole- withstands more external factors
  • Recyclable- broken poles are used to produce new poles
  • All poles are manufactured locally