Pole Machine by RoadTech

Fully automated deployment and re-collection of snow poles

The RoadTech pole machine provides fully automated deployment and re-collection of snow poles.  The operation is carried out at speed, providing significantly higher capacity, higher efficiency and improved HSE compared to current solutions. Our machine also offers much better road safety, both for the operator and for all others travelling on these roads.

The RoadTech pole machine is built to fit with the standard hook lift on the truck. The truck driver is offered an easy and flexible interface for operating the machine from his driving seat. Data collection has been automated, providing operators with a set of valuable data, incl. exact GPS coordinates for each individual show pole, ground conditions and more.  

For difficult ground conditions, the machine will make use of an additional chisel for pre-drilling, ensuring secure deployment of the snow poles.

The machine comes with extensive snow pole storage, offering more efficient handling, avoiding complementary transport of snow poles.

  • The RoadTech pole machine deploys and recollects poles at speed- with significantly higher capacity compared to current solutions
  • The RoadTech pole machine and the snow poles will be delivered as a self-contained, closed container
  • All snow poles needed for one work shift will be loaded in one operation
  • Built to fit on both gas and electric driven trucks

Pole installing with the RoadTech pole machine