Offering a sustainable solution


Offering a sustainable solution

Environmental requirements become stricter and more clearly expressed in public contracts. The RoadTech concept meets with these requirements.

  • Roadtech cooperates with work inclusion companies

  • The RoadTech snow pole is manufactured from recyclable material. All defective poles will be melted into new, fully recycled poles for the next season.

  • RoadTech has in-house production and maintenance of all recyclable poles.

  • The RoadTech pole machine significantly reduces deployment time and fuel consumption.

  • The RoadTech pole machine is built to fit on gas, diesel, and electric driven trucks.

  • The RoadTech digital platform collects data for helping the operator to optimize the number of poles and time spent for deployment.

Improving HSE Procedures

Health, Safety, and the Environment will become increasingly important for all operators.  With this new snow pole concept, RoadTech provides improved HSE in all areas.

The RoadTech pole machine deploys snow poles at speed, reducing the risk for road accidents for the operator as well as for all others in traffic.

The need for re-deployment and manual adjustments is significantly reduced. Operator will rarely step off the truck during operation.

  • The RoadTech pole machine comes with all snow poles needed for one shift in an integrated container, offering a minimum of manual handling for the operator.

  • The RoadTech pole machine comes with all the necessary equipment for work notification and is prepared for connecting to the VMS overhead trailer if required.

  • The RoadTech pole machine comes a fully integrated container solution, securing all equipment, both in transport and during operation, reducing the risk of distraction for road users.

  • The RoadTech pole machine operates in continuous motion, reducing noise and vibration for the driver, and impose less wear on the truck and the equipment.

Photos from the work inclusion company Varde AS: